Comme Homme Presents

Bald 2 Bold

Interview Series

A space for men to revisit the ups and downs of their hair loss journey via interview-style conversations. Each conversation is unique and reminds us why Bald is Bold.

Joram Clervius
Episode 30

This episode is all about CONFIDENCE. If you are struggling with confidence due to hair loss this is must watch. We cover Joram's journey with a clear focus on tactics to protect and strengthen your confidence along the way. Such a transparent episode that is sure to give benefit anybody watching.

Louie velez
Episode 29

Hailing from South Florida our guest is Louie. Louie grew up with the curliest of hair but with a father and uncles with nothing but bald heads. Despite the bald heads in his family tree, Louie thought he had a chance. Louie was wrong. Check out his story here and how he went from Bald 2 Bold.

Harry Evans
Episode 28

On episode 28 we get much deeper than hair loss. Harry Evans is the founder of @healblackmen, so we take the opportunity to talk about mental health in depth. This was a very eye-opening conversation, but it all starts with his hair loss journey.

Stephen Kendall
Episode 27

Episode 27 we hang out with Stephen from Chicago. Stephen held on to his thinning hair for quite some time until one night in London finally sent him over the top. Like many of us, Stephen look's back on his hairless journey and wonders why he didn't just comme homme right away.

Mathew Ezirike
Episode 26

One of the more personal episodes we've had to date. Mathew shares how the tragic death of his best friend pushed him to shave his head. He shares how his good friend, Emmanuel, always preached self-love and the importance of being comfortable in your own skin. Originally EZ planned to comme homme at age 30, but after suddently losing his best friend he realized that tomorrow isn't promised.

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