Comme Homme Presents

Bald 2 Bold

Interview Series

A space for men to revisit the ups and downs of their hair loss journey via interview-style conversations. Each conversation is unique and reminds us why Bald is Bold.

Stephen Kendall
Episode 27

Episode 27 we hang out with Stephen from Chicago. Stephen held on to his thinning hair for quite some time until one night in London finally sent him over the top. Like many of us, Stephen look's back on his hairless journey and wonders why he didn't just comme homme right away.

Mathew Ezirike
Episode 26

One of the more personal episodes we've had to date. Mathew shares how the tragic death of his best friend pushed him to shave his head. He shares how his good friend, Emmanuel, always preached self-love and the importance of being comfortable in your own skin. Originally EZ planned to comme homme at age 30, but after suddently losing his best friend he realized that tomorrow isn't promised.

Darius Cebron
Episode 24

On this episode of Bald 2 Bold we hung out with Darius out of Fayetteville, NC. We talked about everything from growing up in the South, J-Cole's music, hair loss, personal grooming, and manhood. Darius talked very candidly about how long it took him to get comfortable with being bald (almost an entire year!). But now with his beard fully grown in, he's feeling confident everywhere he goes.

Chris Lyle
Episode 23

Another great episode with a good friend of ours, Chris Lyle. Chris is German American, born in Germany but raised in Mississippi. He has a unique hair journey including an afro, braids, short cut, comb-over which he calls the "swoop" and many more. In this episode, Chris gives powerful advice to anyone dealing with hair loss or any change in general.

In the words of Chris, always bet on yourself and bet on your baldie!

Joey Blake
Episode 22

Episode 22 is a pandemic hair loss story featuring Joey. Like many men, Joey came homme over the last few years during the pandemic while he was also preparing to graduate from Law School and move to Houston, Texas. Joey used his graduation and relocation as an opportunity to embrace change in more ways than one. He's been ballin' ever since!

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