Comme Homme Presents

Bald 2 Bold

Interview Series

A space for men to revisit the ups and downs of their hair loss journey via interview-style conversations. Each conversation is unique and reminds us why Bald is Bold.

Chris Lyle
Episode 23

Another great episode with a good friend of ours, Chris Lyle. Chris is German American, born in Germany but raised in Mississippi. He has a unique hair journey including an afro, braids, short cut, comb-over which he calls the "swoop" and many more. In this episode, Chris gives powerful advice to anyone dealing with hair loss or any change in general.

In the words of Chris, always bet on yourself and bet on your baldie!

Joey Blake
Episode 22

Episode 22 is a pandemic hair loss story featuring Joey. Like many men, Joey came homme over the last few years during the pandemic while he was also preparing to graduate from Law School and move to Houston, Texas. Joey used his graduation and relocation as an opportunity to embrace change in more ways than one. He's been ballin' ever since!

Michael Autore
Episode 21

On Episode 21, we connected with Mike Autore from Pittsburgh, PA but currently calling New York City home. Mike's episode is great because of how open he was with us. Mike talks about suffering from painful side effects of hair loss restoration drugs, dealing with embarrassing skincare conditions, and more. But the best part of our conversation is easily the reception he received when he came homme.

Shaquan Herron
Episode 20

On Episode 20, we sat down with Shaquan from New Jersey. Shaquan came homme during the pandemic with the help of three good friends who were already bald. Having what he referred to as the "bald brotherhood" to lean on was extremely helpful. Shaquan also talks to us about the importance of skincare in general and reminds us how important it is to take care of yourself, pedicures, and all.

Jeremy Ward
Episode 19

On Episode 19, we sat down with Jeremy from Chicago, Illinois. Growing up Jeremy was never all about his hair, but balding still caught him off guard. He shares with us that his mother actually didn't want him to comme homme but his girlfriend, now fiance, was all for it. Two opposing forces but Jeremy ultimately made the right choice and wishes he did it earlier.

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