Comme Homme Presents

Bald 2 Bold

Interview Series

A space for men to revisit the ups and downs of their hair loss journey via interview-style conversations. Each conversation is unique and reminds us why Bald is Bold.

Shaun Henderson
Episode 36

This episode is probably one of the funniest to date. Our guest Shaun brings his personality and it shines through. Enjoy as we talk about everything from hair loss to city politics. This was a good one!

Ryan Casey
Episode 35

2023 brings us an episode with Ryan Casey. Ryan has been bald for almost 15 years, so he brings plenty of experience to the podcast. In this episode, he reminds us that hair loss can be used as a great opportunity to re-invent yourself.

Tarique Francis
Episode 33

Every Bald 2 Bold episode seems to get better and better. This episode features Tarique from Atlanta. He discusses pursuing his dreams as an actor and how shaving his head ended up being an advantage in the film industry.

We also discuss the important relationship between men and their barbers and of course manhood as a whole.

Eric Dimiceli
Episode 32

The latest episode features Eric DiMiceli. Eric's episode touches everything from his experience as an intern with the infamous Danbury Trashers hockey team, Mark Zuckerberg's high school days, and of course hair loss.

Another episode you don't want to miss!

Brenton Shelton
Episode 31

On this episode, we connect with Brenton from Marietta, Georgia. We talk about everything from Atlanta's growing entertainment and culture hub, the frustration of having to shave so often, and Brenton's days running track at Clemson. Of course, we cover his hair loss journey as well.

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