And we mean that in the most genuine way possible. This is your home and consider this your housewarming. So, kick your feet up and stay awhile. Regardless of where you are in your hair loss journey, we are here to support you.  

At Comme Homme our mission is simple: To help men embrace their natural evolution. 

In fact, Comme Homme is a French phrase that translates in English to mean "As a man" or "Like a man".

We built Comme Homme because we understand that becoming the man you've always dreamed of being is easier said than done. It takes a village, or in this case, a neighborhood. Comme Homme is your neighborhood, and we're glad to have you.

A few years ago, we figured out something that THEY (*DJ Khaled voice*) didn't want us to know. We figured out that BALD is BOLD. Ever since then we've been on a mission to spread the gospel. No more running from your truth -- look it right in the eyes and welcome it with open arms. The times of your durag-wearing, gel-head friends having all the fun are over. Bald is back and no one can stop this shine.  

Today, Comme Homme is the world's finest personal care brand dedicated to helping men embrace hair loss and celebrate baldness. We understand your situation because we've been there.  

Historically we've been overlooked... 

Historically we've been made fun of... 

Historically we've been told that we should be embarrassed and that we weren't good enough...  

Well - historically ends NOW.  

Welcomme Homme!

Yours truly,
Kene - Founder