Bald Head Simulator

At Comme Homme, we know embracing greatness by shaving your head isn't the easiest decision. So we are here to make it as easy and painless as possible for you and every man to follow.

Introducing Comme Homme's Augmented Reality Experience powered by Snapchat

We are bringing Augmented Reality technology to the forefront of your hair loss journey. The data shows that the fear of uncertainty keeps men from shaving their heads in a timely manner - leading them down a path of very, VERY sad hairlines. We don't like sad hairlines, and neither should you. So we're using AR technology to allow you to see your future self before shaving in real life. Use our mobile AR  experience below to visualize yourself with a shaved head and get rid of the uncertainty. Be confident about your shave before you ever even do it.

Use our Bald Head Simulator on Snapchat to see yourself with a shaved head today (mobile only).

Don't have Snapchat? Download it here.