Why do bald men win?

All we do is win, win, win no matter what. Word to DJ Khaled!

For centuries, bald men have been the cornerstone of civilization -- the gold standard when it comes to manliness, power, and success. Historians even say that many renditions of Zeus (the Greek God of All Gods) show him as a bald man with a massive flowing beard.

Okay we made that up...but it doesn't sound too far off.

Anyway, back to why we win. Embracing hair loss takes a lot of moxie. It takes someone special to look in the mirror and say you know what -- I'm greater without my hair. It's that kind of energy and attitude that allow bald men to rise to the top of the competition. Literally. Think about it …

Greatest basketball player of all time: Michael Jordan -- Bald

Highest paid actor in Hollywood: Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson -- Bald

The Best Boxer Ever (TBE): Floyd "Money" Mayweather -- Bald

Richest Man on Earth: Jeff Bezos -- Bald

Do you see where we're going with this? If not, we can keep going. This list goes on and on.  Honestly, it's no coincidence that across business, entertainment, and sports you see bald men winning. The key is that bald men have a unique advantage that is born from them having to dig deeper within and find a truer sense of self-worth that isn't attached to an external aesthetic. This often manifests itself in a stronger sense of self-assurance which tends to transfer over to other areas of life such as relationships, career, etc.

There are tons of testimonies of men stating how people began to treat them different; once they finally went bald and "fully embraced it". The fully embraced it part is a major key. If you're still struggling with fully embracing it, the outside world will notice. Lack of confidence and anxiety are relatively easy to pick up on. But once you have fully committed to your new look and you wear it like a boss, the world will treat you as such. So don't worry. You're going to lose your hair, but in the end you gain so much more.

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