Ready to Comme Homme?

So you've finally made the decision. You're fed up with all the shampoos, creams, foams that claim to magically grow your hair back. And now you're ready to embrace your future. Now you're ready to comme homme (aka go bald).

Don't worry you won't need Google Maps for this, we know the way homme.

Now there are several things to consider as you prepare to shave your head bald. For instance, when is the right time? Should I be concerned on how people will perceive me? Will I look older/younger? What products do I need?

To help - we've created this entire post to cover the entire breadth of areas to navigate on your way homme.


How will you be perceived? Well while we can't tell you with 100% confidence how you will be perceived we can share some research. Many of the most credible men's health and business publications in the US (think GQ, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Men's Health) report that bald men are perceived to be MORE intelligent, successful, powerful, and dominant than their peers. Yeah, you heard that right. Perception is the least of your worries. Take Jeff Bezos for an example….


Enough said…


Now this is tricky but you can apply strategy and critical thinking here, just like you would with any major decision. The question is not really when is the best time to go bald? But at a higher level the question is when is the best time to try a new look or make a major life change? When you think about it from this level it becomes less personal and it allows you to be more objective. Approaching it from this angle starts to reveal some pretty natural options. Here is our current list. Are we missing anything? If so, comment below.

Best times to go bald..

  1. When you are starting a new job
  2. When you are moving to a new city 
  3. At the turn of the New Years (you know, new year, new you) 
  4. During an overseas trip/vacation


The product conversation is certainly one up for debate. And if we are being completely honest there are very few products on the market made specifically for bald men. But for now we'll work with what we have.

Based on our extensive research here are top 5 razors to shave your head with:

  1. Shick Xtreme
  2. Gilette Mach 5
  3. Harry's Truman 5 blade
  4. Defender

Shaving Creams/Gels we recommend, in no particular order. Though we prefer gels over creams.

  1. Cremo
  2. Harry's Shave Gel
  3. Gillette Shave Gel
  4. Dollar Shave Club Shave Butter Style

Everyday Maintenance

  1. Our Homme Court Advantage bundle...need I say more
Okay that was a lot. We know. But if you made it this far, then it's clear you are invested and ready to join the Homme team. We will be here waiting for you.

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